June 22, 2009

" Live Workshop on Total Solar Eclipse 22 July 2009"

Total Solar Eclipse 22 July 2009
Four Founder members of AAAS
on Inauguration on 21st July 2009
View of Totality/Darkness between 06:21 to 06:24 am on 22nd July 2009 TSE
AAAS Team with Eminent Scientists of ISRO and PRL

Dear All,
AAAS has organised a special event on "International Live Workshop
on Total Solar Eclipse 2009" on 21-22 July 2009 collaboratively with Aatmiya Vidyamandir School at Surat.
Eminent scientists ,from PRL and ISRO, and Astronomy experts delievered lectures on Solar Eclipse.
AAAS, Surat
AAAS- Spread Out in Global World Team
Resource Persons:
1). Nikunj Rawal: +91 96625 45378 / astro_rawal@yahoo.co.in
2). Charitarth Vyas: +91 9725519620 / charitarth_vyas@gmail.com
3). Jagdish Thadani: +91 9724344877 / jagdishthadani@hotmail.com
4). Fenil Patadiya: +91 9909156133 / fenil_patadiya@yahoo.com
5). Dhananjay Rawal: +91 9898121289/ ankurhobby@yahoo.com
6). Brijmohan Thakore: +91 9427389099 /
7). Narendra Gor: +91 9428220472 /
Eminent Scientist who delievered Speeches::
Dr. Narendra Bhandari- ISRO; Dr. Rajmal Jain- PRL; Dr. J.R. Trivedi- PRL; Dr. Hari Om Vats- PRL; Dr. Brijmohan Thakore, S P University, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Anand ; Shri Sanjeev Sharma; Shri Narendra Gor, Kutchh; Shri Dhananjay Raval, Ankur Hobby Centre, Ahmedabad
Eclipse Timing, Surat:
Lattitude and Longitude: 21.2807 North 73.0014 East
Sunrise: 06:08 am
Start of Penumbral Phase: 05:31:02 am
Start of Umbral Phase: 06:21:19 am
Maximum Umbral Phase: 06:22:56 am
End of Umbral Phase: 06:24:34 am
End of Penumbral Phase: 07:19:58 am
Totalily Duration: 03 minutes 15 second
Measurements Done:
1). Temperature Measurement: Temperature changed by 2-4 degree centigrade i.e from 28.2 C to 26 C.
2). Light Intensity Measurement: 13000 Lux to 450 Lux
3). Animal-Birds Behaviour: All the animals and birds get nervous, confused and disturbed during TSE. Birds started making noise and coming to their nest/slept down/divided themselves for resting etc.
4). Shadow Band: Could not be observed due to Clouds
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