February 21, 2010

Sky Gazing with energetic students

AAAS team just visited Atmiya Vidya Mandir School near Surat for sky gazing programme with 8th Std. The students has a complete chapter on Astronomy. It contains very basic and most general topics. So school  decided to have sky gazing programme as their regular curriculum apart from their class room study.

AAAS team was invited for the programme. We had wonderful night with the students. We observe and gave information on  Sirius, Orion, Mars, Pleiades,Moon, Pole star,Ursa Major,Cassiopiea and discussed plenty of question coming continuously from Extra energetic and interesting students.

We all had wonderful experience and leaned many new things from whole event.


February 08, 2010

Lecture by Dr.Rajmal Jain

Dr.Rajmal Jain, a senior professor in Physical Research Laboratory(PRL) recently  visited Applied Sciences Deptt.(Now separated into Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics) to deliver lecture under the title " Global Warming; What is the truth? "  This was joint effort by AAAS and Society for Cultivation of Sciences and Humanities (SCOSH).

The brief summery of the lecture: 

Americas,Europe including many countries which is part of  UN frequently says that there is only  India and China behind the global temperature rise. Dr. Jain,very beautifully,oppose the saying by giving factual,logical and statistical scientific reasoning. 

We all enjoyed a lot.

Thanks Dr. Jain,we hope to see you again.