January 19, 2010

From 11:26am to 2:29pm

An ASEclipse report from Surat.

At 10:29 am on 15th Jan, we were at the college for the final planning and discussion of our educational trip. We had finalised the dates of the tour to be 17th-18th Jan much before. I already missed one chance to see full (100%) ASE and now, I was totally confirmed that this (Partial) is also, certainly, going to be missed. But we got unexpected relief and we were told to come again at 3 pm. Hurreyyy!
I rushed towards home and started finding whatever I could, to capture the phenomenon. Finally, I, with my Camera, Tripod and Solar goggles, went to terrace. The time was ~ 11:15 am. Everybody was enjoying the kites. I placed my camera and immediately decided to put one half of the solar goggles in front of the lens and another in front of my eye. The first contact appeared around 11:26 am and maximum eclipse occurred at 1:20 pm. I was not there up till last contact. My last shot was at 2:29 pm. Then the battery exhausted. There was still half n hr left for the last contact.
It was my first try to capture the Sun. Initially, I was worried for my camera but everything went good. All the people in my building showed great interest. They also attracted the people who initially refused, due to “non-scientific” fear. I also showed them the pinhole projection using very basic thing which we use in kitchen-A GRATER.

All in all it was a fabulous experience. I am quite satisfied with my first solar eclipse and first solar photography.

January 08, 2010

Partial Solar Eclipse: 15/01/2010

Observation Camp of Partial Solar Eclipse from Gandhinagar on 15th January 2010:

Photograph taken by AAAS Team: