November 16, 2009

Leonids Meteor Shower 2009

Credit and Copyright: Chris L. Peterson.Taken from
This meteor shower has been named as "Leonids Meteor Shower" because it appears to stream from the constellation LEO (Shiha) in the sky. The shower starts from that point where the Siha Rashi/Constellation LEO is situated and streaching of tail can be seen in large part of eastern sky.The earth, right now, is passing through the stream of debris of the comet  which is known  scientifically as comet 55P/ Tempel Tuttle.This comet was passed through this site nearly 500 years ago in 1466. So the world is waiting to see the truely historical event in every aspect. The peak (numbers of meteors per hour) is espected on 17th November,2009. The day (night!) is the next day of full moon hence we will not have any problem due to the moon light to see the shower.
The peak is expected during 00:00 am to 02:00 am approximatelty.The constellation will rise in India nearly 2:00 am. You can see upto 500 meteors per hour. Find the darkest place.Take chair  or lay down on carpet and enjoy the shower from the heaven!!
Accept scientific approch during your observation.
1) Note down the numbers of meteor you see in hour of at a regular duration of time.
2) Note down the characteristics like the brightness( average,normal,highest), the length of the tail you see(small,big,average)
3) Find the Latitude-Longitute of the place from where you are observing or the approximate location. ( at the terrace, near your house,in nearby garden; don't forget to write the address)
4) Or anything you see..
5) Make Sketch, Take pictures , record on movie camera...
For the scientific use the record of Time, Add. of place and date is necessary.
Submite your data to AAAS via mail ( or IMO(Intenrational Meteor Organization)(
For other information mail us. or checkout the following sites

Credit: (taken from this site) 
You can see that Asia,and India as well, is very favourable during its peak time.

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